What is The Catholic Apostolic Church in Australia?

Dom Josivaldo, Patriarch of ICAB

Our Story

ICAB (Catholic Apostolic Church of Brazil) was founded by Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa (now St Carlos of Brazil) in the 1940s.

Bishop Duarte was a Roman Catholic bishop who left the Roman Church owing to several political and doctrinal factors. 
Politically, he opposed the close alignment between the Roman Church and the fascist government of Brazil. 
Doctrinally he believed that clerics should be able to marry freely (though he maintained his vow of celibacy to his death); he opposed the doctrine of Papal Infallibility preferring the pre Vatican I stance of the Catholic Church which was of more ancient origin. Bishop Costa also took a pastoral approach to the issue of divorce and remarriage, both for clergy and for lay people. He was, in many ways, ahead of his time.

Eventually he became frustrated by the response of then Pope Pius XII and established the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church; a national approach to ecclesiology not dissimilar to what had happened in England some 400 years earlier. It is, in short, an Independent Catholic Church with the motto: God, Land, Freedom.

The sacraments of ICAB are recognised as valid by the Roman Catholic Church as Bishop Duarte Costa was consecrated a bishop in the Roman Catholic Church. The Apostolic Succession has been passed directly to our bishop, The Most Reverend and Honourable Peter Slipper.

Eucharistic hospitality is offered to all who have been joined to Christ through Baptism in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, and who long to see him in his real presence in the Holy Mass. Roman Catholics and Anglicans who desire traditional teaching and sacramental practice are particularly welcome to join us.

ICAB has millions of followers in Brazil, the rest of South America, Mexico, USA, Philippines, and now Australia. There are also groups in the UK and other European countries.

The Catholic Apostolic Church in Australia is the Australian Province of ICAB

St Carlos Duarte Costa
The Most Reverend and Honourable Peter Slipper
Bishop in Australia

a religious society, established for the propagation of the Christianity, which is found in the humble, the labourers, the legitimate representatives of Jesus of Nazareth.

St Carlos of Brazil, Founding bishop of ICAB